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We are so glad that you're here! You're now a part of well established Gluespreaders Manufacturing Industry. Explore our Products and be a smart customer 

Grow Your Vision

To provide superior quality turn-key solutions through Our custom design, manufacturing, installation and customer support systems

About Us

Over the past few decades, ancient woodworking shops across the world embraced rapid innovations in technology, automation, and new improved raw materials to emerge as production units for modular furniture.

This gave rise to many companies in the service sector to cater to the needs of these panel processing units. In the year 1997, we started Hanfas as a family enterprise, manufacturing furniture hardware, accessories, and tools, and in no time won the trust of thousands of customers in India as well as overseas.

Hanfas range of simple yet well-engineered products offers precision, efficiency, and a user-friendly experience across all cabinetry and modular furniture applications.

A visit to these units, revealed two basic wrongdoings, firstly that this vital exercise of glue spreading was done with cheap plastic spreaders, which throw out excess glue or worst still a baker’s scrapper.

Secondly, instead of following the less-is-more principle, they resorted to excess coating, a myth, and an old-time ignorance.

The exercise of conducting a Glue Audit seemed worthless or in most cases unheard off. Eventually, leading to hefty monetary losses, bubbles formation and weak bonding.

Although they invested huge sums of money in expensive European machinery for other operations, the essentials of the most critical glue application were grossly ignored.

We then had only one goal to focus on, and that was to design and develop a world-class glue spreader, which had user comfort features, 100% efficiency and uniform consistent glue spreading, long service life, and value for money.

Hanfas GLU-MAN was an instant success as reviews after reviews established the claim of up to 40% glue savings. We get immense pleasure when our customers admit saving tonnes of glue and money as well.

Our new customers are mostly referrals generated by those who had a wonderful experience using the GLU-MAN. Would it not be advisable to conduct a Glue Audit as glue saved is money earned.

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